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Learning from Golden Era Film Clips

Free Online Lecture 

Sun, Feb 21st | 11am-1:00pm 
All  Levels Welcome


Join in the ultimate nerdy belly dance discussion as Shining, Shahrzad, Badriyah and Melissa Gamal talk about learning from the dancers of the golden age via film clips!

Get valuable insights about each instructor's personal methods of observing and applying technique, musicality, context and more while you learn about different purposes for analyzing the old films. You'll see first hand how we tackle the task in our own practice through a group demonstration and receive guidance and resources to start studying from home!


This event is FREE and will be streamed on facebook and youtube. If you would like to participate in the discussion via zoom or send questions in advance contact Shining at:


View on Facebook at the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/861881747710948
View on Youtube: https://youtu.be/ILYt4LBrLd8

Feb 21st

Shamadan in the Golden Era 

2hr Workshop

Sat, March 13th | 12-2pm

Some experience suggested, shamadan not required


From Zuba el Klobatiyya to Nagwa Fouad, the dancers of Egypt's cinematic golden era brought their unique candelabra balancing dance to the silver screen in scenes varying from cabaret entertainment to upper class familial celebrations of matrimonial union or new births. In this workshop we'll explore the connection between the roots of raqs el-shamadan and its cinematic presentations as we learn movements and stylizations from the famous and lesser known dancers of this era to help us retain a "classic" look while performing this dance in modern venues. (No floorwork movements included in this workshop. No shamadan required, but bring it if you have it.)

To Register: https://www.kanzamanfestival.com/application/

Mar 13th

How to Make an Awalim/Ghawazee Ribbon Belt 

1hr Costuming Workshop

Sat, March 13th | 12-2pm 

All Levels Welcome


Costuming Class for Awalim/Ghawazee/Khawal [1860-1910]. The ribbon belt, seen in dozens of iconic postcards and early photos from Egypt, was the key identifying element of a professional dancer from the mid 19th to early 20th centuries. Shining will guide you through the process of recreating your own belt in this live online costuming workshop in addition to exploring the role and possible origins of this unique garment. A list of materials will be sent to you by email in advance, so you can be ready to create your very own ribbon belt with Shining's personal guidance!

To Register: https://www.kanzamanfestival.com/application/

Queen of the Hips: Nabaweya Mustafa

3hr workshop 

Sun May 2nd | 10:00am - 12:00pm 

($50 for single workshop, $90 for both)

Some experience suggested (Intermediate +)

Of all the Egyptian dancing film stars Nabaweya Mustafa is one of the most fascinating and least taught due to the complex and allusive nature of her movements. Layer by layer we’ll deconstruct her signature movements, making the essential abstract nature of Egyptian dance more approachable and building our own strength and flexibility for hip and pelvic articulation.

To Register: https://raqon-102776.square.site/product/may-2-2021-workshop-with-shining/130?cs=true
Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/398678408034975

May 2nd

Exploring Balancing Dances in Egypt

3hr workshop 

Sun May 2nd | 1:00pm - 3:00pm

($50 for single workshop, $90 for both)

Some experience suggested (Intermediate +)

Throughout recent recorded history in Egypt acrobatics have been a key part of entertainment events in professionalized and social contexts. We’ll explore some less commonly seen acts like cup or bottle balancing that include floorwork and examine which groups of entertainers are known for specific props. 2hrs, intermediate + suggested. This class contains floorwork, some postures or movements may be challenging for some students, including descending and ascending, looking upwards while laying on the side or rolling, kneeling. Adaptations are available for most movements, but ultimately you are the best judge of your body’s needs and limitations.

To Register: https://raqon-102776.square.site/product/may-2-2021-workshop-with-shining/130?cs=true
Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/398678408034975

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