Available internationally and online,

 offering intensive trainings in specialty subjects:

  • Shamadan (Candelabra Dance)

  • Awalim (Early Belly Dance History)

  • Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian Belly Dance)
    & more!

Summer 2021
I'm in Egypt now! 

I came to Egypt to learn more about the culture first hand, take lessons and do research but I am also teaching LIVE and ONLINE private and group lessons!

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"Shining is a RARE and EXCELLENT, WELL RESEARCHED dance artist and teacher! One who is motivated to TRULY help her students and peers achieve not only what they were seeking, but more than they even realized they needed! I found I learned some excellent and hard to come by knowledge relating to the true origins of belly dance in Egypt; technique; as well as the help I wanted for Shamadan (candelabra balancing) work. It makes me very happy to give her the highest recommendation I can to anyone interested in learning PROPER Middle Eastern dance, as well as the ACCURATE history of the dance. Also, Shining teaches in a way to give YOU the tools to find your own way of working and style, rather than imposing hers on her students. By the way, I am a NY State licensed Makeup teacher and trainer, and to me this type of selfless teaching is rare to find!"

Chantal Mariani

Media Makeup Instructor-Artist/Dance Artist, NYC

“Some people know how to reach into your soul and pull out the magic and goodness you hoped was there. I have been taking regular Skype lessons with Shining, and MAN! This lady is a treasure trove of information, observation and intuition! It has been exciting to have my mind blown, my perceptions challenged, and the pieces, movements, feeling and essence of this dance form are FINALLY starting to resonate in my body!”

-Amira Jade, Eugene, OR

“You are so naturally exuberant and *real* looking when you dance. You make what you’re doing look easy and fun, part of your everyday movement, which I’ve always thought to be the mark of a disciplined virtuoso. Watching you dance is a really good time, and I’m sorry when it’s over. Mission accomplished.”

-Cerise D., ATS Instructor

“[Shining is] a visionary to propel the dance even further and reach for the stars.”

-Lauren L.

“You are unlike anything we have around here and represent the dance like a fine museum piece.”

-Ed Phillips, Professional Musician

“Shining is a very talented and beautiful dancer. She is very educated on the history and different cultures as well as the different styles of Middle Eastern Dance. She was very quick to respond to event, and was very professional and patient from beginning to end. My friends and I had such a great time learning something new.”

-Cookie W.

“One word comes to mind-DIVINE. You really brought out what is divine in dance.”

-Philip Borunda, Teacher/Choreographer

“I hired Shining to perform at our annual gourmet club dinner, which featured an Arabic theme. Shining was professional in every way, before, during and after her performance. She encouraged the attendees to enter into the spirit of the evening, was willing to talk about Raks Sharqi to them in a knowledgeable fashion and her performance exhibited the perfect blend of technical expertise, musicality, emotional expression and a beautiful relationship with the music.  I would hire Shining for any event where expertise and skill in dance was important and trust her to deliver a professional show at all times.”

-S. Jaad,  The Back Door Gourmet Food Group,  Republic, WA

“Shining is a sublime dancer! She brings good technique, musical savvy, and heart and soul to the stage. She is beautiful, talented and enthusiastic about her art!”

-A’isha Azar,  Middle Eastern Career Dancer 1974-Present,
Founder and former Artistic Director of Baharat!! Dance Company

“I’ve traveled all over and I’ve seen a lot of belly dance, watched it in Greece, but never had the opportunity to see it so close up and see the dancer interacting with the music; your dance, it’s like you are manipulating the music.”

-Dennis Gabrick,  President/CEO Preserved

“Your dance is like chocolate melting in my mouth.”

–Anonymous Marino Adriatic Cafe patron