Shining is a respected performer and instructor internationally recognized for her research and reconstructions of early Raqs Sharqi (Belly Dance) and the candelabra - balancing dance named “Raqs al-Shamadan”.

Committed to providing interesting and educational performances and seminars in Egyptian Dance, her teaching as well as performances have a strong emphasis on the historical and cultural aspects of Raqs Sharqi as elements which contribute an important

depth and creativity in this special art form.

In June 2021 she moved to Egypt to expand her understanding of Egyptian culture and arts with a focus on social dance, ghawazee and awalim traditions. After 8 months of work with Khyria Mazin, she produced a website about the Banat Mazin dance group from Luxor which includes recorded lesson on shaabi (ghawazee) dance, streamable music, family bios and other resources to help the international dance community learn about the family and their style of dance in a direct-as-possible way. 

Titles Include:

“1st place Props” (Candelabra Dance) 
2016 La Danse Oriental Competition

 “Professional Grand Champion”
 2015 Belly Dance Off (live music competition)

“1st place Alternative Music Professional”
 2009 Belly Dancer USA Competition

About Shining

CV Highlights

Education Summery

Shining is a 2019 graduate of dance ethnologist Sahra Kent’s “Journey Through Egypt” program; 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 alumni of “ANAR DANA International Dance Theater” year-long dance intensive programs by dance ethnologist Helene Erikson; a long time mentee under Aisha Azar (2011-2016) in Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and pursuant of numerous workshops in Raqs Sharqi, American Oriental, Tribal Fusion and other non-MENAHT dance and music forms from teachers all over the globe, among them: Khyriya Mazin, Dandash, Joana Saahira, Amel Tafsout, Leila Haddad, Ahmed Awdouny, Hany Morgan, Heather Ward (Nisaa), Morocco, Heather Louise, David Reise, Zulaika, Shira, Zoe Jakes, and Rachel Brice.

Journey Through Egypt 2015-2019

April 2019 | Sahra Kent's  "Journey Through Egypt" 3 & 4, Egypt

August 2016 | Sahra Kent's "Journey Through Egypt" 2, Seattle, WA

April 2015 | Sahra Kent's "Journey Through Egypt" 1, Seattle, WA

ANAR DANA International Dance Theater 2014-2016

October 2015 - June 2016
Helene Erikson's "ANAR DANA International Dance Theater", Seattle, WA

Folkloric Dances for the Stage:

Algeria: Kabyle Berbers
Saudi Arabia/Gulf Region: Women’s Traditional Dance

Romania: Roma Manea

Turkey: Eskisehir Spoon Dance

Pakistan: Sindhi Balochi Wedding Celebration
Iran: Qajar/Classical Persian

Dances of the Armenian Diaspora

November 2014 - June 2015
Helene Erikson's "ANAR DANA International Dance Theater", Seattle, WA

Folkloric Dances for the Stage:

Algeria: Chaoui Berbers

Azerbijan: Azeri Canopy Dance

Croatia: Slavonske Kralijice

Egypt: 1800’s Ghawazee
Gilan, Iran: Rice Harvest Dance
Turkey: Karadeniz Horon

Turkmenistan: Turkmen Dance

A'isha Azar 2011-2016

2011 - 2016 | Student of A'isha Azar | Spokane, WA

Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian Belly Dance):
Technique, Musicality, Reliable Researching, Professionalism and Teaching Methods

Folkloric Dances:
Beladi (Traditional Cairo style urban dance)
Shaabi (Modern urban dance)
Ghawazee (Upper Egyptian entertainer’s dance)
Samri (Traditional Kuwaiti dance)
Khaleegi (Modern Gulf region dance)
Palestinian Debke (Agricultural stage dance)

Portland Community College 2007-2010

Associate of General Studies
Portland Community College, Portland, OR

Special Focus Classes:

Modern Dance, Ballet, Flamenco, Choreography, Yoga, Nia, Weight Training

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Teaching Experience

April 2020 - Present | Shining Dance Arts Online School

Online school featuring live & pre-recorded courses on Raqs Sharqi, Awalim, Dance Theory, Costuming and more.

November 2016 - Present | Online Instructor via Skype & Zoom

International Personalized Coaching

September 2021 | Learning From Film Clips-60's edition!

Online Workshop for Montreal, Canada based Aziza 

September 2021 | Creating Awalim Dance

Online Workshop for Sydney, Australia based Farrah Dancers

May 2021 | Queen of the Hips: Nabaweya Mustafa

Exploring Balancing Dances in Egypt

Online Workshops for Vermont, USA based Raq-On Dance Studio

March 2021 | How to Make a Ribbon Belt for Awalim/Ghawazee

Shamadan in the Golden Era

Online Workshops for Kan Zaman International Dance Festival

October 2020 | Intro to Floorwork for Shamadan

Online Workshops for Los Angeles Belly Dance Academy

September 2020 | Awalim Movement

Online Workshops for Sydney, Australia based Farrah Dancers

August 2020 | Intro to Raqs el-Shamadan

Online Workshops for Los Angeles Belly Dance Academy

August 2019 | A Comparison of Awalim & Raqs Sharqi | Spokane, WA

3hr Co-taught Workshop

8hr Workshop

August 2019 | Intro to Awalim Dance | Bellingham, WA

5hr Workshop

August 2019 | Intro to Raqs el-Shamadan | Gig Harbor, WA

May 2019 | Awalim & Shamadan Intensive | Guangzhou, China

4 Day Workshop (20hrs)

February 2018 | Awalim Movement | Spokane, WA

2hr Workshop, Spokane Belly Fest

2hr Workshop, Hasani's Hafla

November 2017 | Creative Variations: The Theory of Visual Interest | Tacoma, WA

2015 - 2017 | Intro to Egyptian Raqs Sharqi | Seattle Metro Area, WA

1hr & 2hr Weekly Classes, Multiple locations

April 2015 | Intro to Musicality: Moving to the Music | Tacoma, WA

2hr Workshop, University of Puget Sound

1hr Weekly Co-taught Classes

2013 | Intro to Egyptian Raqs Sharqi | Spokane, WA

Performance Highlights

March 2021 | Kan Zaman Online International Festival

Featured Dancer & Instructor in a vintage themed online festival 

July 2020 | "Vintage Beauties"| Online International Showcase

Featured Dancer in a vintage themed online dance showcase

September 2019 | Teacher's Day Celebration| Guangzhou, China

Featured Entertainment (Raqs el-Shamadan)

Lectro-Demo (Awalim & Raqs el-Shamadan)

August 2019 | Seattle Arab Festival | Seattle, WA

February 2018 | Spokane Belly Fest | Spokane, WA

Workshop Instructor & Featured Peformer (Awalim Dance w/ Live Music)

January 2018 | Club Naked Winery | Hood River, OR

Belly Dancer for Medieval Themed Banquet

April 2017 | H.O.T. House Show | Seattle, WA

Belly Dancer for Live Music Event

July 2016 | Oregon Country Faire | Eugene, OR

Belly Dancer for Outdoor Live Music Event

Recurring Performances

Dancer (Daily Shows) | August 2021, May 2022

Porto Sohkna, Egypt

Weekly House Dancer | April 2017-  June 2017 

Persepolis Club, Tacoma, WA

Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine, Seattle, WA

Featured Dancer | 2014-2017

Featured Dancer | 2014-2016

Mediterranean Gyro Grill, Federal Way, WA

Weekly House Dancer | December 2012 - June 2013

Red Lantern Lounge, Spokane, WA

Red Dragon Restaurant, Spokane, WA

Weekly House Dancer | June 2012 - April 2013

Weekly House Dancer | May 2011 - March 2012

West Wing Restaurant, Spokane, WA

Member of

Karavans Dance Troupe | 2015-2017

Presented dances from the Middle East, North Africa, Arabian Gulf and Central Asia for private events and cultural festivals.

Presented dances of the Middle East and Arabian Gulf in multi-cultural dance/music productions for corporate events and arts festivals.

Intermuse Productions | 2015-2017

Baharat!! Dance Company | 2011-2014

Presented traditional, modern and fusion dances from Middle East, North Africa, Arabian Gulf and Central Asia for private events, art festivals and annually self-produced shows.

Mandala Dance Company | 2008-2009

Presented Neo-Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for events along the west coast including public festivals, variety shows and studio showcases.